{INGRESS} Advent Calendar 2018

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{INGRESS} Advent Calendar 2018




"An Advent Calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Since the date of the First Sunday of Advent varies, falling between November 27 and December 3 inclusive, many Advent Calendars, especially those that are reusable, often begin on December 1, although those that are produced for a specific year often include the last few days of November that are part of the liturgical season. The Advent calendar was first used by German Lutherans in the 19th and 20th centuries but is now ubiquitous among adherents of many Christian denominations".

The Hackventscalendar is not about religion, but about socializing and having fun with other players in the cold and dark season to keep us from falling into hibernation.

Every Ingress Player, regardless of faction.

Play Ingress. There are small daily tasks to be completed, whose minimum usually can be accomplished within a few minutes.

This is a private hobby project by agents @TerenceKill, @Prxenon, @Kathy2, @Pfeffermuffin and @PolluxCastor
(see About)

Some prizes were donated by other players. Some prizes were sponsored. (see Footer)

The postage is financed by donations by the Paypal Moneypool

These funds will be used to maintain and finance the unofficial domain. (~300 €/year). (See Paypal Moneypool).

Yes, you can donate prizes or support us financially. We also need a few more helpers to evaluate the daily screenshots with increasing participants for this daily task. Especially in the late evenings. Please contact the Telegram Helper Group.

In a protected cloud to which only a few people have limited access. (see About)
All participants see the photos of team- / christmas tasks(C, D and sometimes B) in this photoalbum.
Screenshots of Ingress Statistics are not visible for participants.

Please click here to delete all your data.

Screenshots from both Ingress scanners (Prime and Redacted) are accepted.


The URL was probably opened in an InApp browser (TG, G+ App etc..). Copy the link and enter it manually into the (Chrome) browser.

Yes, it is XF and faction is not considered or evaluated separately. Neither we nor Santa are interested in your faction or level.

After the image has been selected, it is first saved locally. You can select the correct image at any time. No one will see your partner's picture or holiday photo until it has been sent. Even then, you can still delete the photo yourself until it has been rated.

Since it would be rejected in this case, a new screenshot has to be uploaded. Even if it was a nice but still wrong photo, this does not give any special points and does not lead to disqualification. :)

This browser is not supported or 3rd party cookies and data may be disabled.

Please look at the Google Help Center

Try it 2 times

You may have signed in to the same account on different devices or with different browsers. You must log out of the system once. Use the link below.

Enter your start (1st screen) / end (2nd screen) value in the corresponding field.


Only your Agentname must be visible. Your Agentname will be checked by the admins and assigned to your login. On the daily screenshots the IGN doesn't need to be visible anymore and you can anonymize it.

You can upload the 1st daily screenshot (All Time Tab) directly after opening the door selecting the task. The 2nd screenshot with the required values (All Time Tab) must then be uploaded by 23 o'clock.
After selecting the screenshot type in the values your screenshot shows and then press the button. (Button yellow = 1st screenshot / green = 2nd screenshot)

No, the Hackventscalendar is only processed on the website.

Your screenshot and the values transmitted with it as well as the photos will be viewed and confirmed by the admins and volountary helpers.

:see about

Your input

Screener check

You will get the prize sent to an address of your choice, alternatively delivered to one of the next events. (E.g. Anomaly Nuremberg)

Yes, for latecomers there is a separate category with a separate tombola. And from day 15 on, doing a task C will also give you one point for A/B so you can catch up...

Wondering how to catch up on C? Just do task D...

@TerenceKill, @PolluxCastor @PrXenon and @Kathy2 will see your screenshots and photos including the first one with the agent name for verification. (siehe About) All other 'Christmas helpers' will see them while evaluating.
All participants see the photos of team- / christmas tasks(C, D and sometimes B) in this photoalbum.
Photos and data of the non-winners will be deleted after 30 days at the latest, the winners data will be deleted after the prizes were handed over. BTW: The others helpers won't see your Agentname if you don't include it in followup screenshots after the initial one.

All target values are minimum values. If 5 fields are to be created, at least 5 means that the task is fulfilled. It is not about reaching the exact number.

No, you can decide every day which task you choose

No, a team does not have to be a permanent team, these tasks can be done with agents who change daily.

We're just looking to see if they've been done or not. For example, if you have to take a picture of a Christmas tree, the task is not fulfilled if you send us a picture of your feet. Otherwise we like to see creative solutions.

Stats can be seen in menu and under every days tasks, the photoalbum is here:

It doesn't matter. With Prime, the screenshot only has to be visible with the respective values. You can also upload a screenshot with one version before and with the other version afterwards. Your Agentname does not have to be visible on them (only on first one for verification).

Just keep going, there's the latecomer raffle and the team category, where you can still win. And from day 15 on, doing a task C will also give you one point for A/B so you can catch up...
Wondering how to catch up on C? Just do task D...

Because we keep on receiving more. There are e.g. Biocards, T-Shirts, cookie cutters, and of course some GoMo energy packs.

No, we cleared the procedure in advance. All data will be deleted after the action. Niantic is informed about this project.

Winners will be announced on the Infochannel and on the Homepage at the beginning of January. Only Agentname, prize category and prize will be announced.

Team tasks are meant to motivate people to play together. Therefore, for some tasks, you need a minimum number of players to reach the objective (e.g. portal level). The other players do not have to be registered. If there is no minimum amount of players mentioned / necessary, you can choose to do the task on your own.

At least two registered players have to be involved to score a teampoint (type D as bonus for C). A team does not have to be a permanent team, these tasks can be done with daily changing agents.

If tasks you have thought up yourself are carried out in teams, or past tasks are carried out on another date, there will be one team point for each participant and day, if you post the photo / screenshot at g+ with #hackventscalendar #team.

Please remember to list all agentnames involved.

Enter your start (1st screen) / end (2nd screen) value in the corresponding field.

Please contact to have it deleted.

There are technical reasons (timestamp), and it shall protect you from uploading wrong pictures or confusing the screenshots.

Send your problem to



  • Sign in to the advent calendar with your Google Account.
  • Upload an ingress screenshot that shows your agent name.
  • A moderator checks your screenshot and activates your access to the advent calendar.
  • Before and after your daily ingress round and with a fullfilled Advent mission, upload until 11:00pm a screenshot where we can identify the required values.

  • Stay up to date with our telegram channels