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{INGRESS} Advent Calendar 2019


Every Ingress Player, regardless of faction.

Play Ingress. There are small daily tasks to be completed, whose minimum usually can be accomplished within a few minutes. Additionally, there are christmassy creative tasks for which no scanner is needed.

No prior registration required this time. In order to participate, it is sufficient to accept the cookie once and to use the Google Login button which is visible afterwards.

This is a private hobby-proect.You can find all participants on this page 'About'

This year Niantic gave us a lot of great prizes for the raffle - THANK YOU! More prizes were donated by other players and the hackvent calendar team.

The postage is financed by donations by the Paypal Moneypool

If the PayPal moneypool is not available in your country, you can still donate us at

Yes, it would be great if you might want to donate more prizes. You are also welcome to tell others about this project. For prize donations please contact @TerenceKill

Yes, there is a telegram infochannel

There are two moderated chats, an international one in english and a germanone.

We still believe that an international chat comes closest to the idea of this calendar. Since we had many requests from german participants with little knowledge of english last year, and the calendar team lives there, we are offering an additional german chat this time. However, we kindly ask everyone to preferably use the international chat - to defeat anti-claus, global cooperation is needed!

Contact us by TG or email, we will delete your data completely and inform you as soon as this is done.


The URL was probably opened in an InApp browser (TG, G+ App etc..). Copy the link and enter it manually into the (Chrome) browser.

Yes, it is XF and faction is not considered or evaluated separately. Neither we nor Santa are interested in your faction or level.

This browser is not supported or 3rd party cookies and data may be disabled.

Please look at the Google Help Center

You can find the support form here: Support-Request-Form


You can upload your stats until 23:59 as often as you like, to iimprove your position in the ranking.

The start values (All Time Tab) can best be uploaded directly after opening the door or selecting the task. Until 24 o'clock then the final values and pictures of the creative tasks(All Time Tab) must have been uploaded. It is best to upload them a few minutes earlier if unexpected problems occur during the upload.

No, the hackvent calendar is only processed on the website.

You will get the prize sent to an address of your choice.

Yes, for latecomers there is a separate category with a separate raffle. And from day 15 on, doing a task C will also give you one point for A/B so you can catch up.

All target values are minimum values. If 5 fields are to be created, at least 5 means that the task is fulfilled. It is not about reaching the exact number.

No, you can decide every day which task you choose.

Yes, all creative tasks can be done together with other agents. It doesn't always have to be the same agents. But everyone has to upload a picture themselves.

We're just looking to see if they've been done or not. For example, if you have to take a picture of a Christmas tree, the task is not fulfilled if you send us a picture of your feet. Otherwise we like to see creative solutions.

Just keep going, there's the latecomer raffle and the team category, where you can still win. And from day 15 on, doing a task C will also give you one point for A/B so you can catch up.

No, we've cleared the procedure beforehand. All data will be deleted after the action. Niantic is informed about this action AND we even got a big package with many great prizes from Niantic, which you can win - THANK YOU!

Winners will be announced on the Infochannel and on the Homepage at the beginning of January. Only Agentname, prize category and prize will be announced.

Send your problem to

Chrome, safari and firefox.

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