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{INGRESS} Advent Calendar 2019


In best advent calendar tradition, a door opens every day at 00:00.
Behind the doors are tasks which come in christmassy packaging and which have to be completed on the same day.

Each day you can choose between task A and B. Special tasks are available irregularly as an additional option.
All target values are minimum values. If 5 fields are to be created, at least 5 means that the task is fulfilled. It is not about reaching the exact number.

Before and after you upload your data / pictures until 23:59 o'clock.
If you are asked for photos, this does NOT mean selfies - you don't have to be recognizable. If people are recognizable, they have to agree.


Anyone can participate in multiple categories, but only win in one.

  • Day points (Task A / B)

    For task A / B, there is one point every day. Prizes will be raffled among all participants with 24 day points.

  • Diligence points (Task A / B)

    The ten players with the highest daily values for task types A / B each receive one diligence point. Prizes will be raffled among the participants with the most diligence points.

  • Creative points (Special)

    For each successful participation in a special task you get one creative point. For special tasks there are no diligence points.
    These tasks can be done together with other players, but everyone has to upload a picture.
    Prizes will also be raffled among the participants with the most creative points.

Latecomer raffle

If you begin participation after december 1st and therefore have less chances in the other categories, you can win a consolation prize in the latecomer raffle. This category ist for everyone with less than 24 day points of the task A / B.

Severability claus

As always, legal recourse is excluded. All prizes are donated or sponsored. If you also wish to contribute something, please contact @TerenceKill

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